Code for Australia Identifies ‘Eight Simple Rules for Making Stuff with Government’

After six months in Code for Australia’s Code for Victoria II — Women in Tech initiative, teams shared what they’ve learned with Storyscape, published on The Mandarin.

In working with government using agile methods, teams identified success factors such as leadership that supports innovation and transparency in the learning process, teams that commit to user research, a focus on the public benefit of the work, engagement with diverse government suppliers, and more.

From the article:

The beauty of innovation is that there is no one way of doing things, and no one organisation that does it. Instead it’s an ecosystem of ideas, research, learning and practitioners. For every problem space we enter, from justice to the environment, there are dozens of businesses, agencies, non-profits and individuals working in that field.

When government opens its doors to new and diverse suppliers, it brings in new experience, networks and knowledge. And equally, when government open its doors to other departments and agencies, it reveals shared frustrations and learnings. By establishing a wide range of partnerships early in projects, innovators avoid reinventing the wheel and running into hurdles that are well known in other circles.

Read the full article: Eight Simple* Rules for Making Stuff With Government | The Mandarin

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