AgileGovCon 2017 2017-06-08T00:49:28-08:00

AgileGovCon 2017

A virtual mini-conference dedicated to helping people in all levels of government effectively bring agile practices and culture into their agencies.

Thank you to all the agile government public servants, industry professionals, and volunteers that helped make AgileGovCon a success. We welcome your feedback on how to make it even better.

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“Agile in Local Government”
Tim Nolan, Collin County, TX

“Cultural Transformation Towards Agile”
Ann Dunkin, County of Santa Clara

“Setting Product Development Priorities”
Kendra Skeene, GeorgiaGov Interactive


Speaker slide decks from AgileGovCon:

Modern Agile Procurement
Chris Cairns, 18F co-founder

Cultural Change in Government
Ann Dunkin, County of Santa Clara

The Tao of Agile: What Makes Agile Work 
Doug Birgfeld, Maine Agile Center of Excellence founder

What Agile Looks Like in Local Government
Tim Nolan, Collin County, TX

Digital Transformation in Government
Greg Godbout, 18F co-founder

Agile in a Legacy Environment
Rob Read, 18F co-founder

Eureka! User-Centered Design on Legacy Projects
Jesse Taggert, California CWDS

DevOps and Continuous Deployment
David Rico, U.S. Gov’t Contractors

Setting Product Development Priorities
Kendra Skeene, GeorgiaGov Interactive

What I Learned About Agile at 18F
Raphy Villas, U.S. Dept. of Labor

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