DATA Act helps bolster faith in government competency and agile processes

FCW reportsFCW that the federal government and U.S. citizens alike are seeing the initial benefits of the transparent federal spending data provided by the first reports under the Digital Accountability and Transparency (DATA) Act.

While newly released spending reports are helping bolster public faith in government’s desire to maintain transparency, the successful launch of the reporting project shows the value of agile, user-centered development methods.

From the article:

Rob Cook, commissioner of GSA’s Technology Transformation Service, said the successful implementation of the act’s reporting requirements, standardized data for those reports and the website showed the federal government that agile development is here to stay.

He also echoed Portman’s sentiment that the project’s quick, efficient, under-budget implementation of a system that will provide transparent data to the public would bolster public perception that the federal government can do things competently and transparently.

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