DevOps is about ‘making good decisions’, says award-winning CIO Mark Schwartz

ZDNetAmazon Web Enterprises Strategist Mark Schwartz says DevOps initiatives are most effective when focused on objectives, according to ZDNet.

A traditional approach to DevOps turns project objectives into requirements for the team to follow, in an effort to speed up cycle times. However, a truly agile approach focuses on cross-functional teams, who can make better decisions on project objectives that may ultimately result in faster work. 

From the article:

“The important thing to realize is shrinking cycle times is not about doing things faster. It’s not about the speed, it’s about the quality of the decisions. When you put DevOps into an enterprise, it’s not just about how quickly you can get stuff to market — although that’s important— it’s about how can your central organization still have good control, and still make good decisions while the action is moving really fast both in the business context and in the DevOps process.” [— Mark Schwartz]

Read the full article: DevOps should be about good decisions, not faster cycle times | ZDNet

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