Digital services organizations can help governments be more agile, effective

Defense Digital ServiceAn article in the Gotham Gazette shows the value of digital services organizations (DSOs) in helping governments adopt new technologies, modernize old systems, and instill a transformation culture.

Small teams within governments, such as 18F and the Defense Digital Service, are successfully driving change by delivering modern websites, mapping systems, workflow management solutions and other high-tech products and services.

From the article:

The major factor that distinguishes these newly emergent “digital services organizations” (DSOs) from other technology groups within government is that their main job isn’t procuring software from large software companies, but instead to leverage open source software, peer to peer collaboration methodologies, and agile development approaches to build their own products.

. . .

While there are a number of federal entities that have adopted the DSO model such as Defense Digital Service, which applies 18F-style approaches across the Department of Defense, at the municipal level there are very few: San Francisco has a small digital services team, and the teams managing websites in Boston and Philadelphia have some DSO characteristics, but New York City Department of City Planning’s Planning Labs follows the 18F model most closely.

Read the full article: For Government, It’s DSO or Die | Gotham Gazette

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