Digital transformation at a local UK government

Personnel Today reportsAylesbury Vale District Council that diminishing funds and increasingly high expectations from the public are causing local governments in the UK to reconsider how they can conduct digital transformation that will save money and serve citizens better.

Andrew Grant, chief executive at Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) says a lot of councils are still at the transition stage, trying to remodel departments and tinker with digital tools, when they really should be aiming for complete transformation.

From the article:

AVDC went for full-scale transformation, with digital at the heart. Firstly, the council decided it was time to go infrastructure-less and move into the cloud.

“The cloud liberates you from the shackles of old systems,” says Grant. “You don’t need so many people fiddling about with computers and you can programme new technologies quickly.

“By going infrastructure-less, we reduced the footprint of the building and could untether people from the building – they can work any place, any time, anywhere.” This has led to greater efficiencies and saved the council millions of pounds.

Not only that, but moving away from legacy systems and ways of working has enabled the council to become more modern and commercial in its approach.

Read the full article: Public sector HR: why digital transformation is so vital | Personnel Today

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