DigitalGov: ‘Agile transformation at Census’

U.S. Census BureauDigitalGov takes a look at the agile transformation of the Census Bureau and how it has successfully developed a standard Systems Development Lifecycle. The agency engaged industry experts and conducted enterprise assessments to understand the state of agile adoption and the challenges that were cropping up.

The Census Bureau developed key initiatives based on these efforts, such as the formation of agile communities of practice, the providing of agile resources to teams, and the offering of agile training to employees.

One of the reasons why the transformation has gained momentum is because we have focused on the needs of our customers and improving collaboration with them. This brings the unique needs supporting the Census mission as opposed to adopting agile approaches just for “agile’s sake.” The mantra that we use at Census, “We want to be agile, as opposed to doing agile.” Being able to blend the transformation with business needs is a strength for making the change stick as it gives desire to the people taking it on. Another key to the adoption is that we’ve implemented a “pull-based” approach. Teams have the option to determine the approach that works best for them, and are not forced to use agile.

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