EPA CIO Dunkin says agile IT has hopeful future in government

Environmental Protection AgencyFederalTimes interviewed Ann Dunkin, who has facilitated agile IT transformation at the Environmental Protection Agency as Chief Information Officer.

Despite the transfer of leadership at the White House, Dunkin is optimistic about the future of agile methods in government. She talks about the benefits of agile beyond IT, and gives advice about embracing change.

So I think I said just the other day at Fed Talks that I’m convinced that IT is important enough at this point right now that it doesn’t matter who’s going to be in the White House next, that we’re going to be able to continue this work on IT.

Because everyone in the government, whether that’s in Congress or in the executive branch, has recognized that the way we’ve been doing IT in the past is broken, and that we’ve made tremendous strides toward making real change in government.

Read the full interview: Dunkin glimpses at the future of agile, IT | FederalTimes

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