EPA CIO guides her tech team toward Agile practices and ‘smart risks’

NextGovSince beginning her work with the federal government as chief information officer of the Environmental Protection Agency, Ann Dunkin has been leading her tech teams toward nimble practices and smart risk-taking — practices she developed in her previous job in the IT private sector.

NextGov article reveals Dunkin’s perspectives on how government IT works, and explains how she strives to change policy wherever possible to make development processes more agile.

From the article:

Federal agency technology projects are slow. But they are made even slower amid the rapid pace of 21st-century technological innovation. The combination has strained efficiency and effectiveness in the federal IT sector.

Dunkin is one of the key federal tech employees who is working to incorporate best practices from the private sector to improve the situation.

The agency is attempting to transition into a model that incorporates agile practices into its daily work, according to Dunkin, such as incremental development and new contracting principles.

“We have lots and lots of great people in government who have resigned themselves to the idea that everything takes a long time,” Dunkin says. “So we’re working very hard to recreate the sense of urgency that everything doesn’t have to take a long time, and that the passage of time matters.”

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