FCW: ‘How agencies can take a page out of industry’s open playbooks’

FCWAgency heads such as Department of Defense CIO Terry Halvorsen are focusing strongly on key strategies from the private sector that transform organizations from the inside out, according to FCW.

Open source infrastructure, DevOps practices, and an open organizational culture are some of the components that will allow large government agencies to affect users as profoundly as their successful private sector cousins.

Understanding the value of people and processes in addition to technology is at the heart of a strong agile practice.

From the article:

Participation is spurred by engagement — everyone on the team being willingly involved in the process of creation. That engagement is driven by everyone having a voice in the development cycle. If every employee believes that their work and ideas will be used to drive the agency forward, they’ll be more inclined to innovate and inspire each other across the organization. That openness and passion, also illustrated in the Open Decision Framework, is at the heart of digital transformation.

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