FCW: ‘Building an agile government with cloud-based analytics’

FCWFCW reports that governments faced with handling rapidly growing amounts of digital data using lagging technology are turning to a more effective solution from industry — cloud-based analytics.

The public cloud can scale to meet seasonal or unpredictable workloads, and shut down to reduce costs when less capacity is needed, making it ideal for the many unique records and data systems of the public sector.

From the article:

Given the establishment of public clouds dedicated to the federal government, agencies can also take advantage of the technology. Likewise, open-source analytics software is readily available via Amazon Web Services’ government cloud offering. In short, the stage is set for agencies to embrace the latest cloud-based data analytics technology — just like their civilian counterparts — and tackle more sophisticated problems while staying within budget constraints.

Best practices for agencies using cloud analytics include embracing technology endorsed by the developer community and thinking holistically about organizational needs.

Read the full article: Building an agile government with cloud-based analytics | FCW

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