FCW: ‘Building more agile project management offices’

fcw-logoAccording to an article by FCW, federal project management offices should seek project managers that are ‘entrepreneurial’ rather than process-oriented. PMs that are Agile learners and capable problem solvers are the key to successful projects that meet stakeholder expectations. Strategies for building an effective staff of PMs include using on-the-job learning to build skills and structuring job descriptions to attract better candidates.

From the article:

[PMOs] have historically been staffed with people who are overly process-oriented. Such PMs struggle to meet the pressures of a more dynamic portfolio of projects, which include more diverse project types and increased stakeholder scrutiny.

Today’s demands require moving from a workforce that is focused strictly on meeting requirements to one with a more entrepreneurial orientation. Such PMs possess a willingness to forge partnerships and approach scope change as an opportunity to deliver greater value. They also possess key entrepreneurial skills in the areas of stakeholder partnership, judgment, risk management and team leadership. Those are precisely the types of skills needed to facilitate government’s increasing adoption of agile development methods.

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