FCW: ‘How to foster an innovation culture in government’

FCWGovernment should be striving to close the innovation gap between the public and private sectors by focusing on continuous learning and responding to change based on customer feedback, according to FCW.

These methods are integral to ‘cognitive learning systems’ — agile organizations that encourage teams to learn from failure, elicit regular feedback, self-direct, and adapt continuously.

While it’s strategic to collect ideas from outside, innovative organizations must change their culture internally. First, they must shed their fear of failure. Bureaucracies tend to punish failure, which is memorable, and reward mediocrity, which doesn’t produce a metric you can pin to a file. But modern technology makes the cost of failure cheap, and the pace of redesign rapid. Prototypes, beta versions and A/B testing all risk failure in exchange for new discoveries. Innovative companies — and governments — build failure into their attitude: fail quickly if you must, learn, and move on to the next iteration.

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