FCW: ‘Getting Agile — with acquisition and development alike’

According to a recent article from FCW, getting government agencies on board with Agile development and cloud services takes “a combination of technological finesse and evangelical spirit.” FCW quotes Greg Godbout, soon-to-be-former executive director of the General Services Administration’s 18F, as he discussed lessons learned from being an evangelist for Agile in government.

From the article:

The federal government has many innovative employees, Godbout said, but the environment they work in can be closed off. Opening up that environment will accelerate innovation. “You don’t want innovators to be a firework in the dark, sparking from brilliance, then to darkness.”

. . .

Developing more agile acquisition capabilities is also crucial to implementing cloud and effective future IT projects in general, according to Godbout. As he leaves the digital incubator, he said GSA is about to issue in late April or early May an initial blanket purchase agreement to 15-20 vendors to allow agencies to buy what 18F calls agile delivery capabilities.

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