FCW: ‘Help wanted – senior agile leaders needed’


FCWRecent OMB guidance and FITARA enhancement legislation requires agencies to utilize incremental development approaches such as agile — but a report by the GAO has been published that highlights discrepancies in incremental development governance, according to FCW.

The report reveals that agencies struggle to apply agile standards effectively and consistently at scale. Key challenges include inefficient governance processes, procurement delays, and lack of stable requirements. To address these challenges and provide leadership and governance, qualified agile IT program managers are needed.

From the article:

The reality is that implementing Agile and other incremental models in a federal environment is hard. And what these results show is that our ability to integrate Agile practices into existing enterprise governance remains a work in progress.

While a number of continuing actions will be required to fully mature and institutionalize Agile in government, here’s my recommendation for the most important — invest in making our senior IT program managers real Agile leaders. As most CIOs and CTOs can attest, experienced, qualified IT program managers are the most important role on the team — and often the hardest to find.

In terms of Agile, it is important to remember that it is not a prescriptive methodology. Rather, it is a framework for making tradeoffs and prioritizations. This makes it a highly effective approach for development in the real world.

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