FCW: ‘Non-traditional IT contractors unite to watch each other’s backs’

FCWFCW reports that a group of agile, non-traditional IT contractors in the federal space have formed a support group to help foster collaboration and openness as they seek government work.

The group was started by Robert Rasmussen, CEO of a small IT firm called Agile Six, who wanted to empower companies to interact with each other in a more collaborative way that’s different from the ways traditional IT contractors “network.”

From the article:

The Digital Services Coalition is based on a very different cultural mindset. It is that new firms in the government IT space should aim to cooperate more than compete, to create an environment where, in Rasmussen’s words, “other member firms have your back, so you don’t need to be so careful about watching your back.” They seek information sharing, not information hoarding.
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Why are members willing to do this? One reason is that they believe bringing more non-traditional IT contractors into the government ecosystem helps all of them. Some of them also remember their companies have a mission to help the government, and one way to contribute is to help new entrants.

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