Federal agile startup 18F has shrunk by half under current administration

18FThe government IT fix-it shop 18F had a headcount of around 300 of the best and brightest technologists in government when Trump took office, and now has less than 150, according to FedScoop.

18F is housed within the General Services Administration and was founded in 2014 to help government agencies use agile strategies to better procure and manage technology, while fostering a culture of innovation. According to new data released by GSA, the attrition rate at 18F last year was 24.5 percent, including some highly public departures among senior staff.

From the article:

Moreover, 18F has not replaced these departing workers. Overall employment numbers have dropped steadily at 18F over the past year. While it is not surprising that some of the individuals who joined the federal government during the last administration may choose to leave under a new president, it is notable that the Trump administration has either been unable or unwilling to recruit large numbers of technologists to serve. Even today, 18F is not hiring. This means that virtually the entire staff, who are hired for two-year terms with an option to extend for a second term, will be gone before Trump’s first term is over.

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