Federal News Radio: ‘GSA’s new contract to feed hunger for agile IT development services’

18FIn an interview with Federal News Radio, Greg Godbout of 18F said agency demand for Agile development services is off the charts.

He explains the General Service Administration’s plan to recruit industry expertise through a new blanket purchase agreement — which will help 18F deliver digital services more effectively to the many agencies clamoring for Agile assistance.

From the interview:

Godbout said the large number of requests from agencies is “evidence of a broken marketplace,” and a desire to change.

“We open the doors and we were able to deliver on true user-centered agile work inside the federal government and everybody wanted the service . . . It was really never our intention to sort of build everything for the federal government. From the get go, we wanted to come around to this point where we started creating our own BPAs, our own marketplaces so that we could get the vendors. But to do that first, there were so many internal changes that the agencies needed to make in order to have the infrastructure to support this new way and that’s what we spent the last year doing.”


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