Federal News Radio: ‘Why IT modernization and monolithic methods cannot coexist’

Federal News RadioFederal News Radio reports on several key areas where the can federal government can focus to avoid the pitfalls of outdated IT and keep pace with evolving technology and the increasing expectations of citizens.

Some insights include:

  • Don’t just “do” agile — “be” agile.
  • Create autonomy in teams and architectures.
  • Think in terms of mission, not projects.
  • Build a trust-based, collaborative relationship.

From the article:

“Being agile” is about a mindset and a culture. That mindset and culture embraces change, empowers teams, leverages experimentation and views failure as an opportunity to learn. In contrast, government culture is built on controlling change, commanding teams, intensive planning and avoiding failure at (almost) all costs.

Read the full article: Why IT modernization and monolithic methods cannot coexist | Federal News Radio

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