Federal News Radio: ‘USCIS eyes more collaboration, competition in move to agile development’

Federal News Radio interviews U.S. Chief Information Officer Citizenship and Immigration Services Mark Schwartz on his agency’s use of Agile management practices and the Flexible Agile Development Services model.

From the interview:

“Every six months we enter a new option period and we can readjust the number of teams. We are still in the first base period now. But as each of the periods ends, we will look at the performance of those contractors and decide how many more teams or fewer teams we want. If want more teams, we will choose which contractors to ask for the teams from,” he said. “We hope using that kind of a model to keep the contractors in some amount of competition with each other so they hopefully want our continued business, so if they can show us what a great job they are doing, we will wind up getting more teams from them as we grow the project. At the same time, one of the criteria that we are evaluating them on and that we’ve discussed with them is how well they collaborate with the other contractors and feds on the contract.”


Full post: USCIS eyes more collaboration, competition in move to agile development

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