FederalTimes: ‘No agility without stability in acquisition reform”

House Armed Services CommitteeThe House Armed Services Committee is moving toward a more agile future, but stability and discipline are critical requirements to the process. FederalTimes reports on the committee’s recent hearing to gather suggestions for reducing acquisition cycle times through experimentation and prototyping.

As the defense acquisition enterprise attempts to make the acquisition process more nimble, it will require a new culture, aligned leaders, the right talent, and a new-found flexibility.

Project and program management frameworks make agile approaches successful by providing stability. Don’t just take my word for it; as McKinsey & Company points out, “agility rhymes with stability.” Although we all usually and exclusively think flexibility and speed when we think of agility—think of an Olympic gymnast—agility requires a steady foundation to support all that speed and change. The right project management framework that can adapt to the dynamic needs of the marketplace (in this case, the defense acquisition ecosystem) provides the stability that makes agility possible.

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There is a saying in acquisition circles: “Faster, better, cheaper. Pick any two.” Applying the project management discipline to defense acquisitions has the power to give the defense acquisition enterprise major gains in all three.

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