Feds work to adopt agile, transform culture

GovTech WorksAgile development has become the dominant approach to software engineering, and federal agencies are working to catch up with the private sector, according to GovTechWorks.

Agencies have experienced the benefits of agile — such as faster delivery, happier teams, and meaningful customer involvement — but it can be difficult for organizations to actually implement agile processes and manage the changes they entail.

“The cultural piece does represent significant barriers, just because of the way we have traditionally executed software and system acquisitions,” says Eileen Wrubel, technical lead for agile in government at SEI’s Software Solutions Division. “In the interest of being good stewards of taxpayer dollars, [government program managers] have historically tried to nail down all the requirements up front, when, in reality, we operate in a world where the ground changes under us rather frequently. However, those behaviors are still ingrained in the culture: The idea that we need to lock down as much as possible because all variability may be interpreted as bad is a cultural mindset that is changing over time.”

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