FedScoop: ‘DevOps becomes increasingly common inside government’

Are agencies finally realizing that Agile methods and DevOps can revolutionize their IT missions — and change public perception of government culture?

Barry Crist, CEO of server automation software company Chef, spoke to FedScoop about his recent visit to the IT shop of the Department of Homeland Security. And it wasn’t what one would expect from a stodgy government agency — rather, it felt like a startup, humming with energy and life.

“There used to be this chasm between what was going on in industry and what was going on in the public sector,” he said. “The agencies that are doing the most forward-looking things are matching what’s going on in the most forward-thinking enterprises.”

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Crist agreed that the move to DevOps is “messy,” but the government is no different than any large enterprise trying to inject fresh ideas into its workforce.

“If you went and visited General Electric or Nordstrom or Disney, they would also say culture is their biggest challenge,” he said. “Culture, re-tooling and workflow reinforce themselves in positive and negative ways. You can bring in Chef, Slack, GitHub, whatever, but if you are still culturally in the old world with silos, and development doesn’t talk to operations, you’re not going to see any gains.”

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