FI$Cal director shows how collaborative agile methods improved California’s massive financial IT system

At AGL Summit on May 23 in Sacramento, talks from government practitioners focused on the future of digital services for the state of California and beyond.

Miriam Barcellona Ingenito, Director of the Financial Information System for California (FI$Cal), spoke about her department’s efforts to implement design thinking to collaborate on serving customers better.

Overseeing one of the largest and most dynamic IT undertakings in California history, Ingenito’s legislative background caused her to question whether the waterfall methods being used to develop the system were providing maximum value to the 152 departments using it.

She helped FI$Cal adopt agile methods in some parts of the project, which allowed faster response to changing requirements and the delivery of needed functionality.

“We’re making this more about the people that utilize the system, and not just the four control agencies that built it,” Ingenito said. “We wanted to put more focus on the needs of end users and legislative partners, while also making financial information more open and usable to the public.”

Ingenito spoke about the success of “Imagine FI$Cal”, a workshop-style effort to improve the system based on direct feedback from users. Through hands-on activities, sticky notes, and other collaboration techniques, 140 participants across 36 departments came up with actionable solutions to improve the platform.

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