Fierce GovernmentIT: ‘Former 18F director urges federal government to provide citizens with better digital experience’

18FFierceGovernmentIT reports on a talk given by Greg Godbout, former director of 18F, who is now poised to shake things up at the Environmental Protection Agency where he plans to launch a digital service team. The user should be considered first and foremost at every step in development, according to Godbout — not the stakeholders or other leaders.

This is contrary to the current product development process of most agencies, but Godbout continues to evangelize for change, pointing out that citizens are accustomed to stellar digital experience in most aspects of their daily lives. He even references Disney as an organization that knows how to leverage digital tools so that users have the best possible experience.

From the article:

[Godbout] said Disney has transformed how people interact with the Orlando, Fla., theme parks by providing a digital experience – from trip planning using smartphones and computers to visiting the entertainment complex wearing electronic wristbands that provide a variety of amenities through touch sensors.

A self-described Disney enthusiast, Godbout offered the example during a May 5 AFCEA event in Bethesda, Md.

“That’s how we should be able to work with government as citizens and we are so far away from that experience,” he said. “Yet that is what we get in our everyday lives.”

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