Former federal CIO says agile leaders must move beyond talking about ‘failure’

The Enterprisers ProjectAgile leaders should consider using terms other than “failure” to describe the innovative and action-oriented nature of agile processes, suggests Mark Schwartz, an IT innovation leader who has led significant agile adoption efforts in both the public and private sectors, in an article for The Enterprisers Project.

Schwartz, formerly CIO at USCIS, says the word “failure” doesn’t sit well with government or industry IT leaders who are accountable to taxpayers, Congress, or stakeholders — but there are other ways to describe the “positive failure” of agile principles.

From the article:

We allow a number of ideas to move forward with small experiments that will “fail fast” if the new idea doesn’t work. The point is to encourage innovation rather than stifling it before it can take root. It is also a process based on humility: We don’t know for sure which ideas are going to work, so we allow them to prove themselves.

Rather than frame this in terms of failure, I’d call this a portfolio approach. We encourage a number of ideas with the expectation that a few of them will score, and score big.

Read the full article: Why agile leaders must move beyond talking about “failure” | The Enterprisers Project

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