Former USCIS CIO Mark Schwartz: ‘Humility is the essence of digital transformation’

LinkedInHaving a thoroughly conceived advance plan is an act of hubris in the IT world, according to former USCIS CIO Mark Schwartz on LinkedIn.

In an environment that truly supports innovation, humility informs all areas of the organization, from DevOps to management. Success depends on regarding innovation as a learning journey guided by hypothesis and testing—an approach that forms the core of agile and lean methodologies.

From the article:

Each time someone translates a business objective into a requirement, they have added risk—namely, the risk that that particular requirement will not actually accomplish the objective. The only way to manage that risk is to treat the requirement as a hypothesis, test it, and then modify it as necessary. It is arrogance that leads us to label the hypothesis a “requirement,” and it requires humility to accept that your requirement might need to be modified, even if you are paid to be an expert.

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