GCN: 4 steps to agile success

GCNAs agencies move away from traditional waterfall development frameworks and seek to embrace agile methods, there are a few steps they can take to maximize success, according to GCN.

Focusing on teamwork to enhance collaboration and providing the right tools for teams to maintain transparency are just two of the tips offered.

From the article:

Since transparency is key, agencies should consider implementing collaboration tools that allow team members to share and access information on roles, status updates, potential issues and more. These tools keep teams organized and informed on where things stand at any given time during fast-moving development cycles.

Initially, teams can use something as simple as sticky notes to create user stories, plan sprints, assign tasks to team members and track workloads. Eventually, as accurate project planning and tracking become more important, software tools can provide agile teams with automated calculations and permission-based visibility.

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