GCN: ‘Why DevOps is good for government’

In an article for GCN, Neil Chaudhuri of Vidya explains that DevOps – “the application of lean and agile principles to the entire lifecycle of an application” – can be as transformative for agencies as it has been for the private sector. He outlines some tools and processes that can support DevOps for those seeking to implement it.

From the article:

In a manner consistent with the agile principle of cross-functional teams, developers and operations staff work closely together, often interchangeably, to continuously deploy and monitor applications as they evolve from a few lines of code to production systems to legacy systems. This increases communication, reduces the waste from handoffs and builds quality – key motivators for agile and lean methodology.

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A fundamental practice among agile development teams is automation. Developers use tools like Gradle or Rake along with continuous integration tools like Jenkins or Hudson to automate their builds, tests, documentation, and deployments to test servers.

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DevOps is a movement that has gained traction for good reason, but like its agile and lean forefathers, it demands a keen understanding of practices and the tools to support them. If you do it right, you may never hear “But it works on my machine!” again.

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