How the GDS supports the transformation of UK government digital services

Government Digital Service (UK)Open Access Government reports on how the UK’s Government Digital Service sets the standard for digital transformation and supports UK agencies in adoption of agile and innovative practices.

GDS initiatives include the development and monitoring of the Government Transformation Strategy, skills training through GDS Academy, and the creation of a components-based toolkit known as Government as a Platform (GaaP).

From the article:

The government needs to be able to respond quickly to change. Agile and GDS have gone hand-in-hand from the start. Agile methods encourage teams to build quickly, test what they’ve built and iterate their work based on regular feedback.

Agile also supports our work on openness and transparency. If you visit the GDS office, you’ll see that most of our wall space is taken up with Agile walls. These give an open view of our work: everyone in the office can see what other teams are working on, their progress, where bottlenecks are. It encourages discussion.

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