GOV.UK on ‘Getting value from agile – benefits management in the digital world’

GOV.UK’s Skills Funding Agency shares how it’s leveraging Agile to delivery benefits management:

Moving to agile development methodologies has created a whirlwind of change for people. Out with the old and in the new. But the focus on iterative customer-led developments has meant that we are less comfortable nailing down requirements in advance. In turn this means we are less sure what we will deliver. If we don’t know what we are going to develop how can we say what the impact is?

But benefits management isn’t about direct ‘x=y’ equations, its more about cause and effect. How does what we are doing lead to the effects we want. If we can show that, then we understand how we can deliver value. Combined with the ‘try it, measure it, learn and try again’ culture of agile this reinforces benefits management. It then allows for ever-increasing return on investment as we get better.

Getting value from agile – benefits management in the digital world | SFA Digital.

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