GOV.UK: ‘A journey in scaling agile’

GOV.UKA post on GOV.UK explains how the agency re-examined its agile process when it became clear the program was accruing technical debt and struggling with staff stability.

The challenges were a result of scaling up quickly in just a few years to host all the content for 24 ministerial departments and 330 organizations. GOV.UK is still managed using agile methods, but some changes are being made to address the known issues.

From the article:

[B]eing agile doesn’t mean simply installing a methodology and then religiously sticking to that methodology. It means adapting what we do based on what we’ve learned. And this includes adapting our ways of working.

Some of the new principles being adopted at GOV.UK are:

  • Spend only 3 months per mission
  • Measure stuff with numbers
  • Have firebreaks
  • Prioritize sustainable building

Read the full article: GOV.UK: A journey in scaling agile | GOV.UK blog

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