What government can learn from the open tech community

Linux JournalAccording to an open letter in Linux Journal, government bodies can be more efficient, collaborative, secure, and accountable by embracing open technologies.

The letter is in response to Australia’s updated Open Government National Action Plan, and contains a list of recommendations to help governments collaborate as open communities.

From the article:

When addressing the updated Open Government National Action Plan, and actions from the plan, we request stakeholders:

  • Acknowledge that the indicators for success are more than just “value for money” and “mitigation of risk”.
  • Measure and prioritise: “effectiveness of collaboration”, “sustainability in the face of rapid innovation” and “resilience to monopolistic behaviours”.
  • Develop an “Open Government Maturity Model” which describes open government goals and the processes required to achieve them.
  • Measure effectiveness at realising open government goals.
  • Arm decision makers with accessible, evidence based research into what works, so they can trust, select and defend collaborative strategies which are often counter-intuitive within traditional hierarchically managed organisations.
  • Use, extend, or create open technologies, in that order: 1) Use existing open material if it exists; 2) Otherwise extend and give back; 3) As a last resort, create your own system.
  • Embrace modular architectures backed by open standards.
  • Prioritise initiatives which can attract and sustain participation from multiple contributors and organisations.
  • Promote collaboration between all levels of government, and between nations.
  • Invest in the communities of the projects you depend upon. Ensure there is funding to maintain a core team. Reduce barriers to entry in order to attract a wide contributor base. Develop indicators for reporting on the success of these investment strategies.
  • Consider strategies to flatten government’s spending cycles, especially for community based projects.
  • Prioritise agile, iterative development methodologies over “big bang”, “whole of government” purchases.

Read the full article: What could open government learn from us open technology folks? | Linux Journal

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