Government should make room for young tech talent

According to FCWFCW, the new wave of interest in civic tech has arrived just in time, as government desperately seeks new tech talent to replace retiring workers.

Trailblazers Code for America and 18F inspired Coding it Forward, an organization leading the new generation of civic tech enthusiasts by creating  opportunities to serve. Young technologists bring the latest approaches, such as agile and user-centered design to government projects, but their long-term contributions will depend on government creating new jobs that match a modern tech skill set.

From the article:

The basic message that federal managers need to understand is that this is part of an interest by many young people in public service and making the world a better place. Without that spark there would be no civic tech movement — standard private sector tech jobs pay much more, are easier to find, and have a glamor of their own. So federal managers should embrace the students’ ideals and their idealism.

Read the full article: Will civic tech save government from its tech talent crisis? | FCW

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