How government IT teams can implement DevOps

GCNGCN reports that DevOps practices can empower government IT teams that are dealing with aging legacy systems. Because it is not tied to any technology, DevOps allows IT teams to adjust on the fly, creating microservices and accelerating solution deployment.

Some tips for government IT teams that want to get started with DevOps:

  • Grab a copy of “The Phoenix Project” to implement DevOps internally
  • Partner with a firm that has subject matter expertise
  • Foster a cultural shift in the organization – DevOps can be disruptive

From the article:

Agencies that are considering moving to the cloud should adopt a multimodal approach that applies DevOps and agile methodologies to their legacy systems. In doing so, they can systematically transition from monolithic applications to cloud-native containerized technologies, which decrease latency and increase developer productivity.

Read the full article: How IT teams can implement DevOps | GCN

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