Government IT teams in Middle East look to DevOps

ITP.netAccording to, government IT teams in the Middle East are looking to implement DevOps despite the unique challenges of the public sector, in order to increase efficiency, automate compliance, and decrease time to market.

Asif Javed, managing director and technology lead for Accenture Middle East and North Africa, said government is also becoming more conscious of the need to respond to citizens’ digital lifestyles and looking to fulfill this demand.

From the article:

“As DevOps implies faster execution and better functionality, Government IT teams need to embrace this change to become effective in satisfying the needs of their citizens,” he said. “DevOps is a tool that will become more and more crucial as governments continue to move their IT services to the cloud, since it will allow for faster innovation. By applying DevOps practices, government organisations are able to react more quickly to legislative changes or the public’s feedback on services provided, and lead new areas of innovation.”

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