Government Technology: ‘Massachusetts Comptroller Takes Agile Approach to Gov Tech’


Government TechnologyThe Massachusetts state comptroller, Tom Shack, turned to agile methods to improve his office and to help overcome government’s risk-averse nature, according to Government Technology.

Shack was frustrated by the slow processes usually associated with government activities. From IT acquisition to HR practices, he has been pushing methods that are quick to implement and can be improved upon.

From the article:

“One of the things I noticed right away, when working for government, is that there’s complete risk-aversion,” [Shack] says. “You have to be able to manage risk and avoid it when necessary.”

That tendency, he says, holds back innovation and progress. He and his staff have even made up a word for the phenomenon: “innovocracy, which in our vernacular means that though the government has come up with great innovative ideas, it then imposes a bureaucratic framework, thus crushing any entrepreneurial spirit associated with the idea.”

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