GovInsider Exclusive: Inside the Canadian Digital Service

GovInsiderGovInsider interviewed Alex Benay, the Government of Canada’s Chief Information Officer, about his vision for the recently formed Canadian Digital Service (CDS) and how it will bring user-centric technology to citizen services.

Among other things, CDS aims to:

  • Revamp service delivery
  • Involve users in product development
  • Launch agile procurement

From the article:

Benay was hired as the new GCIO in April this year to shake things up. “When Alex disrupts, I’ll have his back,” his boss publicly has told him. But he won’t be shaking it up alone: “I don’t think service delivery should be the exclusive realm of government any more,” he says.

Ultimately, the new CDS may one day “become irrelevant”, he says, because everyone in government will be building in an agile way, testing solutions alongside their users.

There is currently a big job to do, however, with Benay’s reforms intended to see Canada lead the world in government digital delivery.

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