GovInsider: ‘Four things you should know about agile procurement’

GovInsiderProcuring agile services is more akin to envisioning a fully prepared meal rather than a shopping list of ingredients, according to GovInsider.

As more agencies purchase solutions based on project outcomes rather than long lists of product specs, it’s important for public sector professionals to understand how agile procurement differs from older approaches.

It’s an “iterative learning process – you learn from the provider of what other solutions exist, the provider learns better about your needs, and then you come up to a solution at the end of it,” says Professor Shantanu Bhattacharya, Associate Professor of Operations Management at Singapore Management University.

“Agile procurement is really about being flexible,” adds Chia Ser Huei – Director of Performance and Resource Management from Singapore’s Ministry of Finance. “You don’t start off prescribing a particular solution,” and as a result of that “you are nimble,” he explains.

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