GSA and 18F call for Agile companies to help meet ‘explosive’ demand

General Services AdministrationThe General Services Administration agencies are clamoring for Agile development services — in volumes beyond what in-house digital shop 18F can provide. NextGov examines GSA’s plan to call on the industry for help, and what Agile companies will need to do in order to be considered for involvement.

From the article:

“The agile blanket purchase agreement envisioned by GSA would eventually allow agencies access to vetted agile-certified services, including agile architecture and software, user-centered design, and DevOps.

But companies looking to get into the agile action will first have to prove themselves to GSA and 18F. The beginning stages of the procurement will include a 24-hour tech challenge during which companies will have to produce and turn over to GSA a lightweight software prototype for evaluation.”

Full story: Calling Agile contractors: Come show and tell for 18F | NextGov

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