GSA releases RFI on Agile delivery services BPA

General Services AdministrationThe U.S. General Services Administration and 18F are working on a blanket purchase agreement that will feature vendors who specialize in Agile delivery services.

From the announcement:

To shift the software procurement paradigm, GSA’s 18F Team and the Office of Integrated Technology Services (ITS) is collaborating on the establishment of a BPA that will feature vendors who specialize in Agile Delivery Services. The goal of the proposed BPA is to decrease software acquisition cycles to less than four weeks (from solicitation to contract) and expedite the delivery of a minimum viable product (MVP) within three months or less.

This project will be conducted in a phased approach, but some of the unique elements being used to develop the BPA are:

Start Lean – Streamline the process…use proven methods to ensure success
Show Us – Have vendors demonstrate their Agile capabilities and ability to meet this need
Onboarding Support – Provide an outreach program to support vendors throughout the process
Periodic On-ramping, Off-ramping – Create flexibility, increase efficiency and improve effectiveness
Small Business Friendly – Encourage work to be performed in small, rapid, independent increments

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