Harmony between DevOps and Security makes government IT better

GCNFor many government IT departments, security checks can slow the efficiency of DevOps processes and cause frustrated teams to take shortcuts that compromise government systems, according to GCN.

This tradeoff is common in agencies that treat security as an afterthought, where passwords, vaults and penalties add friction to an otherwise fluid process. Fortunately alternatives that use automation help integrate testing into a streamlined process so that DevOps teams don’t have to choose between productivity and security. These new tools make for happy teams and more secure government systems.

From the article:

DevOps and the IT security staff are not enemies; they are all rowing toward the common goal of a more efficient and secure network that serves all constituents. The dynamic, role-based, short-lived, on-demand SSH certificates available today will help make that vision a reality.

Read the full article: Getting to a development process that is both faster and more secure | GCN


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