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This user-friendly version of the site is in beta.

DigitalGov reports that the Office of U.S. Foreign Assistance Resources is working to make its website more user-friendly and is employing Agile practices in the redesign project.

From the post:

The data the users needed was often available on the site, but there were issues because it was not easily findable or manipulable. The agency has addressed this problem by allowing users to locate data via search and interactive maps about a particular office, country and project sector.

The office has been redesigning the website using an agile methodology since the launch of this project. The needs of the user have been the primary concern of the website redesign. “Throughout the redesign process, end users were involved and helped direct the style, navigation, and features of the site”, said Klein. “We explore all of the feedback received, discuss with the team, and determine if it adds value. We realized that could not meet every need of every stakeholder, but we were able to settle on key themes, and build those into the site.” The office actively seeks out information from the public. Currently, a beta version of the new site is live and allows for users to provide feedback about the new site.

Read the full post:’s Redesign: Using Agile Methodology to Keep Users in Mind

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