How to approach a strategy for government digital services

GovFresh logoThe right strategy for the future of government digital services is a holistic one, according to Luke Fretwell in a recent GovFresh article.

In order to create services that work for everyone — and avoid replicating entrenched organizational interests — leaders need to find ways to take what we’ve learned from government digital services while making room for growth. The United States Digital Service and 18F helped lead change that forwards human centered design, accessibility, and open standards, as well as new organizational approaches. Honoring these tenets with active leadership will help government sustain innovation.

From the article:

Only by taking a holistic, principled, organizational, operational and culture-focused approach to change and innovation will public leaders effectively deliver scalable, sustainable digital government services to the people they serve.

Read the full article: Governmental digital: A framework for scalable, sustainable digital government services | GovFresh

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