How ‘hybrid agile’ can help transform legacy government systems

HuffPostSometimes a ‘hybrid agile’ approach can help a large government organization transform its systems when ‘pure agile’ presents challenges, according to a HuffPost interview with Jan Gravesen, IBM’s Distinguished Engineer and Client Technical Leader for California.

From the article:

[W] a lot of Agile teams that are working on different parts of the same system … we need to coordinate them. There is still some debate as to how well Agile is able to scale up to lots of teams, especially if the teams are geographically separated over large distances or time zones (as is often the case with very large or complex projects). The Agile community has come up with some extensions to Pure Agile, such as Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) or, when Agile is applied on an enterprise level, the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).

Another example is where we have lots of external factors and risks we need to address in the project. When risks and factors scale up, it becomes difficult for an Agile team to address them simply through self-organization … A better option is to stay true to the Agile Manifesto and continue to use smaller, focused teams but surround these teams with one or more Centers of Competence that carry out the project management disciplines (a la supplier, risk, finance, change management) we need, so we still allow the Agile teams to work using the agile style.

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