How to identify ‘bad agile smells’

MediumAs someone who has been on the front lines of agile and scrum practices inside government, Mark Vogelgesang, Innovation Specialist at the GSA, explains some of the common bad habits agencies must guard against.

From scope creep to long deployments, there are many possible bumps in the road to a great agile process – but there are also practical solutions. One example is the miscommunication that may occur between developers and product owners, leading an end product that is different than expected.

To mitigate this risk, ask your development team during the sprint planning meeting to explain the business problem back to you using simplified language. If the team is having trouble re-explaining the business requirement, that’s a good sign there is a gap in communication. Additionally, have developers bring you into the review process while they are coding. Remember, a story is a promise to have a conversation — it is not the end of the conversation about the feature.

Read the full article: When good scrum goes bad – identifying bad agile smells | Mark Vogelgesang, via Medium

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