Improving contract transitions with agile

GCNAccording to GCN, agile processes can improve communications and hand-offs during contract transitions, providing more stability for client operations.

Some of the agile strategies vendors and government agencies can apply to the tight deadlines of contract transitions are:

  • Implementing a transition communications plan
  • Use Kanban to track activities
  • Establish transition-specific escalation activities

From the article:

Effective transitions require a quick way to respond to and eliminate  blocks. Well-defined escalation procedures define the methods for resolving blocks identified during daily standups that are outside the control of the transition team. Within the escalation procedures, resolution plans are created that allow the team to continue working while decision-makers address block issues . . .

Application of agile communications techniques and processes can provide a lightweight structure for vendor transition activities. It will increase awareness of progress and challenges and help managers make more informed decisions.

Read the full article: 3 ways agile can improve communications during contract transitions | GCN


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