Incoming UK councilman plans agile digital service transformation

Public TechnologyComing from six years as director of the New Local Government Network think tank, Simon Parker wants to facilitate a shift toward useful digital services in his new role on the Redbridge Council.

In an interview with Public Technology, Parker talked about how agile working and efficient strategies can help make real changes happen in the lives of citizens – preferable to government playing the role of an “absolute machine”.

The key, Parker says, is to use digital as a tool, not an end in itself.

“The main thing is that it isn’t about the tech,” he says. “Digital implies and demands certain types of behaviour and cultures – agile working wants you to iterate, experiment and find ways of doing things in the real world – and that’s really good.”

Read the full article: Interview: Simon Parker, Redbridge Council’s incoming strategy director, on agile working, data, and transformation | Public Technology

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