How industry, agencies, and public can collaborate towards agile government

AFCEAOvercoming the red-tape challenges of procurement in order to bring agile services to government should be a team effort, according to AFCEA’s Signal magazine.

As digital modernization becomes ever more important to citizen outcomes, agencies must embrace open source and innovative ways of procuring services.

From the article:

Companies and individuals must collaborate with government procurement officers and customers, using public forums such as industry events and requests for information to define innovative ways of procuring highly skilled agile teams. However, these actions are only first steps. Both industry and government should embrace open source principles to create proposals that are open to industry and public feedback; require an online technical demonstration and presentation; and are fixed-price, allowing companies to provide industry-leading subject matter experts as required.

Read the full article: Blog: Adopting an agile warrior mindset toward software development | Signal (AFCEA)

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