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CivicActions is looking for an experienced developer to join our Open Data Team. Our team is comprised of people who are motivated by solving interesting problems and a passion and commitment to open source software. We are looking for someone who will bring their own perspective and curiosity to work with the team toward creative solutions.

We believe in the power of open data — when data is open, so are opportunities for creativity, collaboration, and innovation. The work we do helps shape and guide the future of open source and open data. We aren’t just writing open source code, we are embedding in and foster relationships with other open data communities. All of our code is open source.

CivicActions is a dedicated, fun-loving team, looking for some talented folks to help us bring revolutionary digital services to government agencies and the people they serve.


For this position, we need people that are able to:
– Work with clients to implement a product on their behalf and meet client needs
– Through client work, also keeping an eye on improving the product for the greater community
– Use React, Drupal, and Python to work with DKAN and CKAN
– Use frontend technologies like React
– Go to and put on events for the community like last year’s DKAN summit
– Adapt technically and learn new concepts and skills as needed for a project


For this position, we need people who have:
– Passion and knowledge about Open Data
– At least two years of experience with with Python and/or Drupal
– Ability to debug in Drupal and Docker
– Expertise to negotiate shifting priorities in a scrumban environment
– Skills to solve puzzles and find innovative solutions to unexpected problems

Other experience that may contribute to the success of this position:

React and Python
Data Science
Support Engineering
Product knowledge
User Experience

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